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Common Questions and Issues

Each contest is configured by the host venue to focus on specific sports leagues.  If your favorite sports league is not available for the contest you currently have selected, try selecting a different contest.

Picks are not allowed to be canceled by players.  Submitting a pick is equivalent to walking away from the betting window at a sports book with a ticket. 

It is very common for money lines, point spreads, and point total values offered by sports books to change in the days and hours leading up to an event.  These changes are usually a result of things like injury reports, weather forecasts, and volume of picks being made by other players.  We generally follow the trends of prominent American and European sports books.

Contests remain on the My Contests list from the time you join the contest until 7 days after the contest closes.  If you want to view a contest that closed more than 7 days ago, go to View All Contests and select Past.

Picks may be voided if the associated event meets the void criteria outlined in the House Rules.

We use the policies outlined in our House Rules to determine how each pick is graded at the conclusion of an event.  Since we always offer both sides of all outcomes to players, it is important that we adhere to consistent grading rules that do not favor one side of Yes/No or Over/Under picks.  For this reason, we have made the decision not to void player props as a result of unexpected injury, ejection, illness, suspension, etc.  These outcomes are an inherent risk of player props and the odds offered reflect that risk.

Grades of all House Bet event picks are at the sole discretion of venue managers.  Grades made by venue managers will not be overridden by any Lose the Juice administrators.

Grades of all custom picks added to events by venue managers are at the sole discretion of venue managers.  Grades made by venue managers will not be overridden by any Lose the Juice administrators.

We do our best to grade all picks as soon as possible after the conclusion of events.  If a pick is related to a controversial scoring decision or awaiting an official stat correction, it may take a few additional hours to be resolved.  Some events ending later than 12:00am US Mountain Time may also have the grading of their picks delayed.

If any picks have shown as LIVE for more than 24 hours after the conclusion of the event, please email support@losethejuice.com to have it resolved.

Venue managers have the authority to disable accounts or deny prizes to individuals they believe are in violation of the Official Rules for any of their contests.  If you believe your account was incorrectly disabled, speak to an authorized representative at the venue to see if they are willing to reverse their action.  Account decisions made by venue managers will be respected and will not be overridden by any Lose the Juice administrators.

We only collect your full name and email address.  Your full name is used for identification to claim a prize and is only ever visible to administrators from the venue and from Lose the Juice.  Email is used for account recovery actions like a forgotten password and is not even visible to venue managers.

We will never give or sell either of these pieces of information to a third party.

If you wish to delete your account, please make a deletion request in the app by going to User Preferences and select Delete My Account.  Once you have made your request and confirmed access to your email address, one of our administrators will perform a hard delete of your account within 72 hours and notify you once complete. 

Deleting your account will completely remove all of your records from the Lose the Juice platform across all groups and venues.  This action is permanent and not reversible.

By deleting your account, you will disqualify yourself from all active contests you have joined and forfeit any prizes won that have not yet been claimed.

This feature is available to all users regardless of whether or not you reside in the jurisdiction of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) or the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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